Irina Poddubnaia: FREE Shopify Customer LIVE Order Tracking App Best For Online Small Businesses

In this episode with Irina Poddubnaia about her shipping app for e-commerce businesses called TrackMage, we go over:

  • What are the folks at TrackMage up to?
  • How does TrackMage handle upsells on the “tracking shipment” page?
  • What are the e-commerce platforms the TrackMage app is supported on?
  • Does TrackMage work for drop shippers?
  • How does TrackMage automate reviews?  How does that work?
  • What makes TrackMage different than the other “shipping apps” in the Shopify app store?
  • What are top one or two new TrackMage innovations that you’re working on?
  • Where can e-commerce folks learn more about TrackMage?

CLICK HERE for the podcast episode link, in case you want to listen to the interview.  CLICK HERE if you want to download the video transcription as a PDF file.

Irina also mentioned a freebie for the audience, an eBook titled: "How To Make 5-10% Extra Sales On Autopilot Without Increasing Your Ad Spend Or Hiring More Staff"

Here's where you can find Irina Poddubnaia online...

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