Glenn Poulos: 57 Unique Ways To Increase Sales With Brilliant Strategies & Tactics For Small Business

In this episode with Glenn Poulos about his book "Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors to Grow a Business and Build a Career Selling" , we go over:

  • What’s your background?
  • What's the biggest problem that you solve for your clients in this telecom business?
  • When it comes to signal strength in the telecom industry, are you guys making moves to compete with new tech in the crypto world like the Helium Network?
  • What's your sales advice for a business that focuses more on referrals for leads?
  • From a sales perspective, what’s your advice for leaving a voicemail message or email?
  • What’s your advice on killing many birds with one stone or just one bird with an email or voicemail message?
  • What are your two biggest sales mistakes for in-person meeting, like a real estate agent meeting a client or potential client?
  • Where can people find you?

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