Nick Jordan - Hire Virtual Technical Writers: Job Description & Remote Freelance Skills Needed | Website For Content Teams: Is Workello Legit?

Discover how to hire virtual technical writers by letting the folks at Workello filter job descriptions and remote skills needed to grab the top 1% of freelance writers.  We interviewed founder Nick Jordan about his website for content teams, answering the question of whether Workello is legit...

In this episode with Nick Jordan of, we go over:

  • What were you working on before moving from Seattle, WA to Serbia?
  • *In your opinion how important is content creation to SEO?
  • What do you guys do on a high level with your SaaS product filtering writers for content companies?
  • Where do you see Workello going in the next 5-10 years?
  • How are you getting leads for Workello?
  • How was the business culture shock in Serbia?
  • What’s your advice for a local service based business looking to get more local leads?
  • What’s your advice for doing YouTube video stuff, maybe for introverts?
  • Tell people where they can find you...

*Nick's claim to fame was taking a startup, a legal robot AI legal services, from zero to 1.5 million organic monthly visitors every single month in about 18 months. That campaign enabled them to go from a seed stage startup to a $210 million valuation, without building back links or technical stuff. There was no paying the Google gods. They created really good content, and did it at scale.

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