Top Fresno & Clovis Real Estate Company Realty Concepts Realtor Agent: Jason Higton | New & Existing Homes And House Listings For Sale

In this episode with Jason Higton of Realty Concepts in Fresno, California, we go over:

  • Talk about what the Higton Bros do on a high level over at Realty Concepts,
  • When you guys got started in investing in real estate, did you have a mentor?
  • How is or has your real estate agent strategy changed with these Fed rate hikes?
  • How have the rate hikes affected your real estate investment strategy?
  • What do the Higton Bros do when it comes to lead generation?
  • What did you guys do to secure quality cold leads?
  • Life with the Higtons...
  • For those interested, where can people find you, Jason?

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