Top Twin Cities Minnesota Real Estate USA Company Team for Selling & Buying Homes 2022 | Best MN Property Realtor Agency Group: Sell House Fast, First-Time Buyer, & Minimum Down Payment

In this episode, we go over:

  • Talk a little bit about what you guys do, you guys do a lot of cool stuff...
  • What do you see in in the realtor side, the building side, what do you guys see in there in Minnesota with the rate hikes?
  • What’s your company’s superpower, what are you guys good at?
  • Can you go into maybe the top two things that you recommend to sellers optimizing their home listing?
  • What’s the difference in marketing a property that’s been on the market a long term versus a fresh property?
  • How do new clients typically find you, how to you market lead generation-wise?
  • If someone were just getting started in into your industry and maybe we'll stick with just maybe the realtor side buying, selling. What advice would you give them?
  • Where can people find you? Websites?

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