Best Core Value Property Home Management Company, Houses For Rent, Military By Owner Housing Program Near Crofton, Maryland Anne Arundel County

Here's what we discuss in this episode with Air Force veteran Shaun Leway, owner of Core Value Property Management in Crofton, Maryland:

  • How have mortgage rate hikes affected the property management field?
  • What's one of the biggest problems that you guys solve over there at core value property management?
  • What kind of challenges did you face trying to start a company, property management company in 2020?
  • “If I set a 15-minute appointment and somebody shows up late, that's a potential indication that something else might be late, right?” - Shaun Leway
  • How do your clients typically connect with you? How do you market lead generation wise? Is it more referral based?
  • When you talk about networking with real estate or attorneys, are you going and just going down the line calling them, how does that look?
  • If someone were getting into your industry, what advice would you give them, maybe the top one or two tips?
  • Where can people find you? Website, social media, all that kind of stuff?

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