Richard Blank: Costa Rica's Call Center | Outbound Lead Services Provider BPO Company Benefits | Jobs, Processes, & Examples

Here are the questions Richard answers in this interview:

  • What does Costa Rica’s Call Center do?
  • What's the biggest problem that you solve for your clients?
  • What makes Costa Rica’s Call Center special or unique?
  • Who’s your ideal client?
  • How do your clients typically connect with you and then how do you market to them?
  • What are some of the tactics and strategies you use to get around gatekeepers?
  • What do you look for in hiring a call center agent?  Do you start from scratch or are you looking for a particular personality?
  • What top challenge or two challenges are you experiencing in the call center business that maybe somebody in my network or myself could possibly help with?
  • Where can people find you if people wanted to reach out?